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Cranking up your ignition system

All your electronic ignition needs for all classic cars

Electronic ignition upgrades

High output Coils

Generator conversion

Custom made kits for your Distributor

Hand Made HT leads

Complete custom ignition upgrades

As of 22/9/2021 I will not longer be supplying conversion kits to the public as the current level of insanity has unearthed people who are Incapable of following simple instructions and are now promoting bad reviews and publicity regarding installation and the ability to install electronic ignitions correctly.  Also no electronic ignition system will be sold unless a new compatible coil is purchased at the same time.  Sorry i know this drives up the price but It guarantees system function and compatibility.

When a purchase is made an invoice will be emailed to you to which has instructions and will be signed and sent with the distributor to be converted.

Our Online Store

If you are having difficulty locating the correct part that is best suited for your car, count on Minicranks . No matter what car you drive, we have various electronic ignition systems and electrical upgrades for your vehicle. Check out what we have to offer you by scrolling through this page.

These are a small offering of what we have in stock and new products will be uploaded daily. come back and check. 

23D4 Distributor


45D4 Distributor


12 V 3 Ohm Viper Race coil


12 V 3 OHM sports coil


Lucas V8 Distributor 35D8


Bosch SVDA


Ford Essex Motor


Delco 4


Delco 6


Ford Pinto distributor


Ford Pinto OHC Distributor No

vacuum advance


Ford Cologne








12 V 3 Ohm Std coil


Standard 1.5 ohm 12v ballast


Accuspark blue sports 1.5 Ohm


Lucas 25% Ballast Uprated Sports Coil


Sparkrite coil supplied with Resistor


C45 Dynamator


C42 Dynamator


Dynamator C39/40


Viper Ballast Coil


Viper Factory Electronic Chrome Dry Ignition Coil


Austin 7 dynamator



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