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Cranking up your ignition system

All your electronic ignition needs for all classic cars

Electronic ignition upgrades

High output Coils

Generator conversion

Custom made kits for your Distributor

Hand Made HT leads

Complete custom ignition upgrades

Electrical Charging systems

At Minicranks in Ohau, Horowhenua, we keep in stock a wide range of electrical upgrades for older cars. What makes us unique is that we have a fitting service for people who buy the kits. We also have a bespoke fitting service to fit electronic ignitions to cars that do not normally have electronic ignitions fitted to them. This greatly improves drivability, starting, and leads to cleaner fuel burning.

The system we use fits everything under the distributor cap and keeps the car looking period-correct. We also fit Dynamaotors, converting from old-style generators to new alternators without losing its original look. Contact us today to ask for a free quote.

Returns policy

Please read shop page for new updated instructions 22/9/2021.

  1. Returns must be sent back in Original packaging, unopened and without being connected. Used components will not be covered or replaced unless arranged with myself. Any returned opened items will be charged for a replacement to be set out.
  2. All products are tested before being sent out and supplied with instructions to fit, If not working please contact me to arrange a replacement or a test on component.
  3. If product fails within the 12 month warranty I will happily replace it under product failure warranty from the manufacturer as long as I have tested the faulty one and working one as long as faulty unit is returned.
  4. Any products modified in anyway to suit will not be covered by my warranty or be replaced without a replacement charge.
  5.  Return postage is at customers cost.
  6. Replacement items may be sent opened as this is tested and the packed will be resealed and signed from myself to say it has been tested.
  7. Coils must be of rated value, I.E  Between 1.5ohms and 3ohms. for Modules to work. Original Electronic ignitions need to work on Manufacturers specifications, these low ohm coil will not work on a conversion module and cause damage to module.
  8. HT leads must be carbon silicone leads and will not work with solid copper leads.
  9. Rev counters can be tricky as RVI rev counters do not work on any electronic ignition system, But good news is there is a few places that will convert your original RVI rev counter to  RVC to work on electronic ignition or points. Connecting to a RVI can cause the module to blow.
  10. Installation needs to be undertaken by experienced auto electrician, as incorrect installation can cause damage not covered by manufacturers warranty.
  11. Minicranks will not be responsible for costs for repair or installation costs.

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